Popular Face Painting Designs

February 18, 2008 fernemerrylees

I’ve mentioned before how kids don’t plan on being difficult, they just are (and this goes for a lot of grown ups too!) so you’re asking for it if you ask the kid straight out what design they want without setting any boundaries. You’ll have the kid that wants to be Optimus Prime (a transformer for those who, like me, would draw a blank) or the kid who just can’t make up their mind! You’d be surprised, though, how many kids want one of the classics. A puppy dog, a rainbow, a tiger, a skull. These are so easy to do and you can be creative, altering a design to give it your own artistic flair! Practice on the blank faces I’ve provided on this site and try a couple of the following designs that I use almost every time I face paint.


Puppy Dog.

This is a dalmatian but you can do the spots any colour even strange colours like pink and purple! The big red tongue makes the design fun and that much more puppy like!


Rainbow face.

You can do the whole face in a rainbow design or just one cheek with any colour you desire. To make this design really stand out, use colour hair spray to create an even bigger and better rainbow design!



This design is pretty straight forward. Use layers of colour to give the face depth. Start with a white base layer and then yellow and finally orange, leaving certain colours exposed. To make the application of the stripes easier, use an easy to remove eyeliner pencil to outline the shapes before filling it in with black face paint.



Lots of little boys love this face, delighting in scary their parents and siblings. This is also pretty easy, requiring only black and white face paint.

Try out these designs for yourself and keep posted as I’ll be putting up some more face painting designs for snowflakes, pirates, dragons and many others! Happy face painting!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.


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