Popular Face Painting Designs #2

February 19, 2008 fernemerrylees

Hi all! I hope you liked the designs I posted yesterday! They are so easy to do and kids absolutely love them! Today I’m going to post a couple more designs that are in some cases the most easiest to do and the most wanted by a lot of kids.

Little boys love being superheros. In one of my karate classes, a little boy trains with his spider man outfit under his white training uniform! He’d wear the mask if his mum would let him! Spider man is one of the easiest designs to do as well!


Spider man

This design requires only black, red and white paint. You can use a thick black eyeliner pencil to draw the lines. You can also colour the kids hair with red hair spray to give it an extra something!



All little girls love butterflies and the wonder of this design is it can be any colour, shape or pattern! Every design can be unique! Add glitter and lipstick as a finishing touch!



I wasn’t a conventional little girl and whenever I got my face painted, I wanted to be a pirate! My cousin, who is the same age as me, would also get a pirate and we would attempt to scare everyone in sight, taking no prisoners! This design has all the proper pirate characteristics. An eye patch, a bandanna, a scar and of course, whiskers!



This design of a snowflake is a little tricker to do and I suggest you practice this one quite a bit. The result though can be quite impressive. Little girls would look like ice princess with a snowy face and lots of glitter.

teenage muntant nijia turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

This one is so easy to do! Just a purple (or one of the other colours) eye mask and green skin. I also spray painted the kid’s hair. Just make sure you do the right colour for the right turtle! Purple is for Donatello, blue is for Leonardo, orange is for Michelangelo and red is for Raphael!

Let me know how you go with these designs. Give them a go and you’re sure to be a hit at any party or fair!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.


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