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Reviews on Face Painting Books

Hi everyone!

I’ve been checking out some books on face painting, hoping to find one that is not only easy to use but is full of great new ideas and creative designs! There are so many products out there that it became quite overwhelming but in the end I settled on one e-book called “Easy Face Painting.”

The fantastic thing about e-books are they can be instantly downloaded onto your computer so no postage fees and no waiting for it to arrive. Brilliant! This book was more than I could have asked for when it comes to Face Painting and I’ve already started practicing some of the new designs! I’ve written a more detailed review on my “What I Recommend” page here!

I hope you find this e-book as great as I did. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Halloween can be a scary time for parents trying to fulfill their child’s desires to be a ghost, fairy princess or vampire and it can become quite competitive. Face painting can add that extra something to a child’s costume that will help them stand out from the crowd and it’s fun, cheap and easy to do. The following top 12 boy costumes for Halloween are surprisingly easy to face paint and make the outfit truly memorable.

  1. Cowboy
  2. Pirate
  3. Wizard
  4. Ghost
  5. Spider-man
  6. Batman
  7. Ninja Turtle
  8. Vampire
  9. Mummy
  10. Pumpkin
  11. Monster
  12. Skull

The top 12 girl costumes are even easier to do!

  1. Princess
  2. Witch
  3. Mermaid
  4. Fairy
  5. Ghost
  6. Clown
  7. Puppy
  8. Vampire
  9. Indian
  10. Pumpkin
  11. Cat
  12. Cowgirl

Here are a few designs for the previously mentioned costumes drawn on the blank faces I’ve provided here for your own use. The great thing about these designs is the fact that they can be used at any time, not just for Halloween so include your designs in a folder at any Face Painting Event. For even more designs and tips for Halloween, check out my articles here and here. Happy Face Painting and TRICK-OR-TREAT!

clownClown. This design can be used for both boys and girls and can be any colour. Feel free to be creative and alter the design to add your own individual touch!

witchWitch. Perfect for any little girl and can be easily alter for a boy, this scary design is so easy to do but looks terrific!

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Some New Face Painting Designs

Hi all,

Here are a few new designs for you to practice. These are fun and different and really easy to do. Tell me how you go, which ones you like best and how you would change them to reflect your own artistic streak!



This one works a lot with layering colours to create a beautiful sunset with stars, sun and perhaps even a moon!



Every little girl loves fairies so this one is fantastic for creating an actual fairy on a child’s cheek. Add some lipstick and voila, a perfect fairy.



I love this one and it is inspired by Cat Finlayson, an awesome face painter. Use the child’s lips as the dinosaurs mouth so when the kid speaks or bares his or her teeth then so does the dinosaur!

Have fun practicing and trying different things out!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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Face Painting that makes you go WOW!

the world

This face painting instantly appealed to me (though I think it’s actually done on the computer) but either way it’s a cool idea and makes a fantastic first impact. It’s something that I’d like to replicate but would need a lot of patience and an eye for detail. I don’t know if I, let alone the child, would be able to sit still long enough!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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Face Painting Half Face Art

Certain designs work well when you’re not painting the entire face. Not only are they quicker and easier to do, they can look pretty fantastic! The follow two designs I have drawn on the blank side faces but you can practice on either blank faces I have posted.

The first one is of a mermaid. Instead of drawing a mermaid on one cheek, I’ve just added scales, little gills and shell decorations with green hair spray. This design would make any little girl feel like a magical mermaid.


Adding purple lipstick and glitter will make this design really stand out!

The other design I’ve posted is a monster/demon/dragon design. I was really impressed with how this turned out and if you use layering of colours, you can really make the design stand out. Add red and gold glitter and add red spray paint to the hair and you have a pretty convincing monster on your hands. Try different colours!


The sharp white teeth really make the design!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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Face Painting Cheek Art

You will always have that one kid who is determined to have a pony or a dragon face painted onto their face and the sense of overwhelming confusion (with a hint of panic might set in). How on earth do you paint a horse on a kid’s face and make it look like a horse? Well there is no need to fret. In fact what I’ll tell you next is not only easy but quicker and uses less paint then doing a whole face. Cheek painting. If one stubborn kid demands a unicorn then you can with no worries at all.

Like the blank faces I included in an earlier post, I’ve included some blank side faces for you to print and practice with yourself. Soon you’ll have the hang of it and no kid shall ever push you off balance ever again (in regards to face painting that is.)

side boy blank

Here is a boy’s face side on.

And here is a girl’s face side on.

side girl face

You can include these in your face painting folder, displaying designs for children to choose from.

To give you a few examples of cheek face painting, I’ve posted two designs, a dragon and a unicorn. Be creative and imaginative and try different colours, shapes and glitters!



Tomorrow I’ll go into face painting designs for half the face that look pretty awesome. Happy face painting!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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Popular Face Painting Designs #2

Hi all! I hope you liked the designs I posted yesterday! They are so easy to do and kids absolutely love them! Today I’m going to post a couple more designs that are in some cases the most easiest to do and the most wanted by a lot of kids.

Little boys love being superheros. In one of my karate classes, a little boy trains with his spider man outfit under his white training uniform! He’d wear the mask if his mum would let him! Spider man is one of the easiest designs to do as well!


Spider man

This design requires only black, red and white paint. You can use a thick black eyeliner pencil to draw the lines. You can also colour the kids hair with red hair spray to give it an extra something!



All little girls love butterflies and the wonder of this design is it can be any colour, shape or pattern! Every design can be unique! Add glitter and lipstick as a finishing touch!



I wasn’t a conventional little girl and whenever I got my face painted, I wanted to be a pirate! My cousin, who is the same age as me, would also get a pirate and we would attempt to scare everyone in sight, taking no prisoners! This design has all the proper pirate characteristics. An eye patch, a bandanna, a scar and of course, whiskers!



This design of a snowflake is a little tricker to do and I suggest you practice this one quite a bit. The result though can be quite impressive. Little girls would look like ice princess with a snowy face and lots of glitter.

teenage muntant nijia turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

This one is so easy to do! Just a purple (or one of the other colours) eye mask and green skin. I also spray painted the kid’s hair. Just make sure you do the right colour for the right turtle! Purple is for Donatello, blue is for Leonardo, orange is for Michelangelo and red is for Raphael!

Let me know how you go with these designs. Give them a go and you’re sure to be a hit at any party or fair!

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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Face Painting Ideas- blank practise faces

I drew these blank faces a little while ago and use them as templates to not only practice but I also keep my completed designs in a folder to show kids. It makes it nice and easy for children to chose what they would like to have done on their faces when they have a few examples to chose from. This also makes my life easier as they chose things that I can actually do! Feel free to download and print these sheets to help you in your own faint painting endeavors. Good luck and happy face painting!

Boy’s face front on.

boy face blank

Girl face front on.

girl face blank

Boy face side on.

side boy blank

Girl face side on.

side girl face

Read a review of a book I recommend here.

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