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Face Paints

It goes without saying that you need the proper face paints for face painting to insure that there is little if any allergic reactions to the paint. If I child has extra sensitive skin or a skin problem like eczema, then don’t face paint that area. Alternatives is to do a painting on their shoulder or their arm instead.

There are so many choices when it comes to face paint. You can buy the cheap versions are the more expensive ones but in the end there are a few things that are the same with all of them (varying in quality of course).


  • Black, blue, green, gray, orange, pink, red, white and yellow are the most common colours used and are readily available at shopping centres, craft stores and online.
  • Colours like lilac and fuchsia are a little harder to find but can make a real impact in your designs. Snazaroo has a broad catalogue of colours to chose from so check out that site for more details.
  • Sparkle paint is also available is a broad spectrum of colours.
  • Slightly pearlescent, you can buy electric colours as well that can make a good impact!



  • Paints can come in pastes and liquids and all are water based to make removal easier to both skin and clothes. The more water you add, the more washed out the colour will appear which can be used in good effect in shading and backgrounds.
  • Some paints come in kits or just singularly in bottle or containers. Take care not to mix colours in their original containers. Always use a clean brush to transfer paint to a clean palette or surface.

Other materials

  • Glitters are lots of fun but make sure they don’t contain aluminum. They most be made specifically for face painting or otherwise the glitter can irritate the skin and eyes. Glitters come in all types of colours in both gels and a dry form.

So I’ve hoped I’ve given you a few pointers. All pictures are from the Snazaroo website and I recommend you have a look at this site to get a real idea of what’s out there in the face painting world!

Read the review of a book I recommend here.

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